2 Week Gluten Free Weight Loss Kit

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Losing weight can be difficult but if you're someone that needs gluten free products, it can be even harder. Our 2 Week Gluten Free Weight Loss Kit combines our proven cookie diet weight loss program with our equally effective low sugar protein bars. By eating 1 protein bar and 4 cookies a day, you can lose weight safely while providing your body with the necessary ingredients needed to fuel your day. Each protein bar and cookie is carefully crafted to help your body find the perfect weight loss zone, balancing your blood sugar and metabolism without sacrificing taste or leaving you with hunger pains. 

Our 2 Week Gluten Free Weight Loss Kit includes: 

  • 56 Banana Chocolate Cookies(our top-selling diet cookie)
  • 18 Variety Protein Bars(includes Chocolate, Caramel Almond, Peanut Butter)

Each kit comes with 4 extra protein bars just in case! We're proud to continue to serve our gluten-free customers and to offer innovative ways for you to lose weight with a smile on your face!