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14 Day Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Have you been looking for a safe and effective weight loss program? One that is easy to follow, delicious, and really works? If so, Smart for Life has been helping customers lose weight for over 10 years. With delicious, high protein and low sugar cookies, you can lose weight fast and safely without struggling with constant hunger.  How does it work? By separating your meals into multiple, small meals a day your body will learn to sit inside a hunger comfort zone, which also happens to be where your metabolism works the best. By helping your body enter this hunger comfort zone, you’re giving yourself the best chance possible to lose weight fast and safely. Other diets may guarantee results but leave you feeling hungry, constantly struggling to resist temptation. With Smart for Life, you’ll be satisfied with your results and feel great all while losing that extra weight you’ve been dying to get rid of!

About the Product

  • LOSE WEIGHT SAFELY* – our protein-packed cookies are designed to help you lose weight fast, and safely. Try delicious low sugar protein cookies instead of those boring, hard to swallow diets!
  • MAY REDUCE CHOLESTEROL* – our cookies contain functional, useful ingredients that nourish the body. By changing your diet to a protein and fiber enriched diet while maintaining low sugar intake, you may reduce your cholesterol.
  • PROVEN RESULTS – thousands of happy customers have lost weight with Smart for Life. We now know that eating small meals multiple times a day is one of the best ways to lose weight safely. With Smart for Life, we make it easy to follow your diet and reach your weight loss goals!
  • IMPROVE DIGESTIVE HEALTH* - one of the problems in the modern diet is not getting enough fiber. Fiber is very important to having good digestive health. Each one of our cookies contains a healthy amount of fiber, balanced with the low sugar and protein.